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Travel company "Marco Polo" Discover Tajikistan for yourself!

Our company has been introducing its activities in the field of tourism since 2010 and during this long period we have successfully served more than tens of thousands of tourists from around the world.

Rest with "Winter - Summer" is an unforgettable journey that gives only positive emotions. For our clients, our company opens the most marvelous corners of Tajikistan and incredible experiences. Visiting nomads lands, trips to undiscovered ancient places and nations, pleasant coolness of ski resorts, trekking in the mountains, excursions in the cities of Tajikistan, tours on lakes, mountain hunting, medical procedures in sanatoriums, business conferences and much much more.

With us, you are guaranteed various opportunities for flights, tours of various duration, high-quality excursion programs and, of course, the widest range of hotels, guest houses in national Tajik styles at the best resorts. We are sure that a wide choice of destinations offered by the company will fully satisfy the demand for quality rest for tourists in Tajikistan.


Our advantages

Work experience 12 years

All our experience and knowledge serve our customers and allow you to get the most competent consultation on any tourist issue. Our friendly staff will do everything so that you begin to enjoy the vacation already in our office at the stage of choosing a tour.


We are always ready to suggest which direction is worth choosing for your vacation, explain the nuances of the trip and prepare for the tour not only from a technical, but also an informational point of view. Our team consisits of full of professional employees that aids during your trip. Our team is not just number of people, it is a stable healthy environment.

Individual approach to the client

The principle of operation of our company is an individual approach to each client. We will help you choose a tour that is most appropriate for your wishes by drawing up a list of paramount conditions and needs for rest.

Customer maintenance before the end of the trip

By purchasing a ticket from us, you trust us with your vacation, which have been waiting for so long. The tour is controlled until its end. Our customers are for us, first of all, our friends, and therefore the tour should be organized at the highest level!

We work in accordance with the legislation of the RT

For many years of fruitful cooperation with our tourists, they were convinced that they can trust us in everything. We work under a standard contract, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan, which means that we are responsible for what we do

Constant professional growth of employees

We study countries and hotels, to which we will then send you. We look with our own eyes at where you will rest. And, of course, we are constantly studying all the news in the world of tourism to own all the information and be professionals in our business.