Mausoleum of Abdulkadira Geloni

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Mausoleum of Abdulkadira Geloni

The architectural complex of the mausoleum of Abdulkodyr Jeloni is located near the city of Istaravshan, Sughd region of the Republic of Tajikistan, on the territory of the ancient cemetery of the village of Poychindaki Gumbaz. 

The mausoleum of Abdukadir Dzheloni is an architectural monument of the 16th century and is a small monumental, domed, brick building from a square room. The building has four exits, the design of the facades is approximately the same. The decoration of the interior of the mausoleum is especially richly represented. There are four tomb sagons on the floor. 

The city of Istaravshan does not have an airport, and the main routes to the city are road connections. The distance from Dushanbe to Istaravshan is 300 km, and from the city of Khujand, the center of the Sughd region, to the center of Istaravshan, 80 km. 

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